ⓘ  In this column you can create a new conditional payment contract by choosing to go long or short on the underlying's price, depositing a stake and setting a strike price. The contract will then be visible to other users in the center column and they are able to enter as the counterparty. See Introduction or How It Works section II. for more information.


Long   Short

ⓘ  The stake is the amount in ETH you want deposit in the contract. Other users have to deposit a smaller or an equal amount in order to enter part of or the full respective counterparty position.
Stake in ETH
ⓘ  Based on the difference between strike price and spot price of the underlying on the due date, the withdrawal amount of the position is calculated.
Strike Price

ⓘ  In this column you see the contracts created by other users, in which you can enter the displayed counterparty position.


Long   Short

Stake in ETH
The Quick Entry functionality gives you the option to set a stake which you are willing to deposit into a long or a short counterparty position. You will then be shown the contracts with the most advantageous strike prices, that you can enter.

Underlying Pos. Stake Strike price Due date  
Underlying Pos. Stake Strike price Due date