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The 0D.exchange trading experience

Price development of financial assets

As you know, financial assets like stocks, commodities and foreign currencies are subject to unpredictable price fluctuations. Or do you have a good guess what future will bring?

Your prediction

Imagine the following: You are tracking the price development of a stock. You think that on a certain date (we call this ‘due date’) the price will be well above a certain value (we call this ‘strike price’).

Your counterparty

Another person disagrees and believes that the price will be lower than the strike price. This persion is your counterparty.

The smart contract

Thanks to the Ethereum blockchain you can set up a smart contract easily. Both of you can send, for example, 1 ETH to this smart contract. These 2 ETH will remain locked in the smart contract until the due date.

Strike price at due date

You and your counterparty will now wait until the due date. Within this time, the value of the underlying evolves either in your or your counterparty’s favour.

Loosing the bet

First, let’s consider the case in which the price did not develop in your favor. In this example it would be 10 % less than the strike price on the due date.

Contract settlement – loosing

In this case you lose 10 % of your deposited 1 ETH. You can now only withdraw 0.9 ETH from the smart contract. Your counterparty, however, can withdraw 1.1 ETH.*

Winning the bet

Now, let’s consider the case in which the price developed in your favour. In this example it would be 20 % above the strike price.

Contract settlement – winning

In this case you will be happy to win 20 % of the 1 ETH you deposited in the smart contract. You can now withdraw 1.2 ETH while your counterparty can only withdraw 0.8 ETH.*

Leverage your stake

In order to make things a little more exciting, 0D.exchange has added a leverage factor of 2 on the price development. This increases the potential gains and also the potential losses by a factor of 2.


We reward the first users with 0.1 ETH. You can earn it simply by creating a contract and finding a counterparty that enters your contract.
Read more about the bounty program and the source code behind it in our Medium article or check it out on Etherscan.

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